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there is a need for professional template editing

There are numerous site templates available online. Usually there is a need for at the very least a basic understanding of HTML and a time commitment. In addition it is often necessary to utilize specialized software such as Photoshop and Flash. It can also be helpful to utilize an HTML editor such as dreamweaver and have knowledge of CSS to speed the production process. We have the specialized knowledge and software available to get excellent results. We have worked with Template Monster Templates on numerous occasions.


Template Services
Although we enjoy the full web site design customization process, their is a good argument for website template services. Their are cases in which you may want to consider using a website design template. Reasons include:
Reducing the unknown factors of design. Design is an art and can be subjective to taste. A template can allow for a client to get fairly sure idea of what the final output will look like. Challenges and reduced efficiency with templates come when customizations call for modifying the actual design or structure of the site. With a plethora of templates to choose from you may be able to find the design solutions you need. Super Star Solutions can help you set these templates up with professional results utilizing the same software that they were produced with.


The typical need for template sites is to add copy , links replace photos.

We can direct you to cost effective quality web templates and then take your purchased files, customize them on a production server so you can see the results as they are being updated. We can provide you with a competitive fee schedule upon request for this service.


Template Services and Technologies include:

Flash Template Web Site Customization
Swish Template Web Site Customization

WordPress Customizations and installations
Joomla web site customization and installations
Web site forms - Mail forms
Template Web Site editing sites and presentations.

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