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Many businesses are in need of an online facelift. Superstar Solutions has undertaken these projects with excellent results. If your site has a dated look, or is in need of a new site structure, or search engine optimization we can help. Take a look at some of our Houston web site redesign projects.

our process involves:

Project Definition
Site Structure
Visual Design
Site Development

The web design or redesign process or system is an important part of delivering the absolute best results. Each Phase is separate and should be performed in order to insure the best possible results.

Project Definition - Involves taking a survey to client discovery. We come up with a project goals and move on to the next phase.

Site Structure - We create an outline or blueprint that should detail all of the site elements with diagrams and or wire frames. This would be the equivalent of any product of manufacture. By making a solid plan there is a solid understanding by all involved of what deliverables will be.

Visual Design - The visual design process involves taking the site goals, project definition, and site structure and combining these with creative visualization to produce mock ups and creative strategies.

Site Development - After the design process is finalized, we move on to site development which involves taking the design elements creating web site elements and pages.

Testing - We test our sites to work with internet explorer 6.0 and up, current versions of Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Launch - After the site has passed testing we launch the site on your chosen web server. If you need a web site hosting provider please click here.




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