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Web Design is our specialty and we take a special pride in the process. We leverage technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, SWISH, After Effects, and more to produce outstanding design solutions. We utilize these and more assets to produce complete identity strategies. Take a look at our Web Design Portfolio to see our work or scan below for more information. Looking for pricing, please visit our quote page here


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We offer many web design solutions. We can offer a range of different types of web design packages including:

Brochure websites sites where the main focus is image > content.

Flash websites where the focus might be image > wow factor > information.

Template driven solutions adding information and basic customization.

E-commerce systems, where the goal and focus may be to display product information, collect billing information and process payments.

Like a custom built car or home. Custom web design allows you to choose the exact look and feel that you're looking for. This can be important when you already have branding solution in place or you are looking set yourself apart from the competition. As veteran graphic consultants we are able to implement almost any creative design concept with the knowledge of the pros and cons associated. For example search engine optimization issues associated with flash animation design can be considered with higher level of understanding on how it will affect your performance.


We can offer a variety of expertise in web design options including:

Custom Built Web site design solutions from foundation to implementation:

Custom Built Web site design and Redesign and graphic design services.

Custom Flash web site presentations.

Template Services
Although we enjoy the customization process, their is a good argument for web site template services.
Their are cases in which you may want to consider using a website design template. Reasons include:
Reducing the unknown factors of design. Design is an art and can be subjective to taste. A template can allow for a client to get fairly sure idea of what the final output will look like. Challenges and reduced efficiency with templates come when customizations call for modifying the actual design or structure of the site. With a plethora of templates to choose from you may be able to find the design solutions you need. Super Star Solutions can help you set these templates up with professional results utilizing the same software that they were produced with.


The typical need is for template sites is to add copy , links replace photos.

We can direct you to cost effective quality web templates and then take your provided files customize them on a production server so you can see the results as they are being updated. We can provide you with a competitive fee schedule upon request for this service.


Template Services and Technologies include:
WordPress Customizations and installations
Joomla websites customization and installations
Web site forms - Mail forms
Flash Websites
Template Web Site editing sites and presentations.
Flash Template Web Site Customization
Swish Template Web Site Customization

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