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flash design and animated motion graphic presentations are some of our favorite mediums. We create interesting and interactive web site designs using flash as the main layout and design component. We can also utilize flash design to produce simple banner interactivity. Site presentations that leverage motion graphics and interactivity can be seamlessly incorporated into an otherwise static web site. We can also convert existing video files into flash video(fees apply). Flash video is highly compressed and is displayed using the freely available flash plug in. Check out a flash version of this site

why flash?

One of a great things about flash is that it can be viewed on almost any desktop or laptop computer system using a standard browser and the freely available flash plug in. Flash can also be distributed on CD or other media making it a very flexible medium. Hence, a PC computer outfitted with for example Internet Explorer or a Macintosh with Safari can view a presentation in almost exactly the same way. Flash also offers the ability to display near broadcast quality effects and animation with a low bandwidth overhead. Flash combined with thoughtful design can help set your flash presentation apart from the competition. Adding tasteful interactivity, animation and sound can help drive brand recognition. Superstar Solutions focuses on adding these features while still maintaining the important function of brand theme.

flash video

Video for the web has seen several formats over the years. Of all the formats available on the web, including: Real Player, Quicktime, Windows media and other fairly successful formats Flash seems to be the forerunner. Adobe Flash, formerly Macromedia Flash, produced the flash video format several years ago. Since then video for the web is almost commonplace. YouTube primarily utilizes the flash format for its video output. Producing video for the web is much easier as well with direct to web video formats available in many consumer electronics.

flash portfolio

If you would like to see some of our flash design solutions that utilize action scripts, animations and more please visit our Flash design portfolio area. You can also check out our site designed completely flash here ( houston flash designer ).

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