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Madrat Elixr - Healthy Energy Drink Design

Flavor with Benefits

The bar has been raised for energy drinks! While an energy drink should provide energy, it can also provide so much more! Like this Healthy Energy Beverage! - get the low down on what is being called the healthiest energy drink. We got to design the overall look and feel for Madrat Elixr and are very excited about it. We utilized the original artwork designed by the founder of Madrat. We then found a visual aesthetic that would evoke a feeling that would match the top competition in the genre. Overall this campaign has hit its mark. A Healthy Energy drink with Attitude.

Madrat Elixr Review

No Bull (Ha Ha) Elixr is the real deal. It is comes in a 30 serving canister. Its a powdered energy drink and we found that it mixes best in a sealed container. Using a 16 Ounced Mason Jar I mixed water, juice from a lemon, and 1 scoop of Elxir Powder, as recommended in the recipe section. I shook it for about 10-30 seconds and then added a bit of ice. It was absolutley delicious and I felt great and more focused. You can also feel good about the high quality sweeteners like Stevia and xylitol - both top on the list of natural sweeteners. It also has only 22 calories. A winner in my book. You can get it online here >>


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